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Total Solution for Legionella prevention

Microbiome offers the affordable solution for Legionella prevention. Our patented water filtration device is very easy to carry out by which we can help you save on the cost of Legionella prevention. After you have send us
the filters, you will receive within 3 working days online the results
of the tests at our laboratory.

Substantial savings through our unique and patented sampling system. External staff is no longer necessary. We have fully accredited and certified laboratories for the analysis of water samples.
Risk management, prevention plans and periodic sampling. All about laws and regulations on Legionella prevention and how Microbiome can serve you.
What can you do to keep the risks minimal? How do you meet the certain requirements of the current legislation? Using the BRL 6010 Microbiome formulates risk analysis and management plans.

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Partners of Microbiome

We develop integrated solutions together with leading manufacturers from the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries, helping them to leverage our leading sample & assay technologies as part of their own offerings. read more >